Pros and Cons for Attending School for Photography

Photography is a very useful skill to have. Not only it can be a great hobby, but you can even turn it into a very profitable profession. In either case, you have to start learning how to use a camera and how to take good pictures. When it comes to learning photography, you have two options. You can either self-learn or take a photography class.

In this article, were are going to explore the pros and cons of attending photography school.

Pros of Photography Class

Speed Up The Learning Curve
In any skill, there’s always a learning curve a student must go through. Photography is not an exception. Also, in anything worth learning, it’s all about trial and error. You try doing a lot of things and try to figure out what works and what does not work. The more techniques and methods you know that works, the better you become at photography.

Here’s the thing, for every trial and error, it will always cost you time. With photography school, you don’t have to go through all the trial and error as there’s already a system or someone who will teach what works and what does not work. In other words, a photography class can speed up your learning curve.

Avoid Picking Up Bad Habits
Another problem with learning on your own is the tendency of picking up bad habits. These bad habits may become a limiting factor as you try to progress your photography skills higher. In most cases, you have to unlearn these bad habits, and that’s a big problem. A learned habit is not an easy thing to unlearn. You will have to put in a conscious effort at all times to ensure that you “un-develop” that bad habit. With photography class, you can avoid these bad habits in the first place.

Cons of Photography Class

It Will Cost You Money
This is probably the biggest downside of attending photography school. A good photography school or class will always cost money. However, you also need to be careful as not all expensive photography classes are good. Some are just good at marketing.

Wisdom Learning
Another potential issue with learning via the class is the tendency to acquire knowledge, but not necessarily wisdom. Here’s an analogy for the previous statement, if your mother tells you not to touch the iron because it’s hot, it’s a lesson that you may remember or easily forget. However, if you burned your fingers because you touched a hot iron, then that’s a lesson you are SURE to remember.

The same case for photography classes, you may or may not remember all the lessons they will give you. However, if you have personally gone through the pain of learning things the hard way, then these lessons become wisdom for you and not just mere knowledge.

So that’s it for now. Of course, there are a lot more pros and cons for photography classes. However, the points that we mentioned above are good to keep in mind.